Bicycle Parking InformationBicycle Parking Information

Bicycle Parking Map

Outline of Bicycle Parking


B1F *Doorway is on the east side of 1F (Otemachi Nakadori Side)

Business Hours

7:00 to 23:00 (Closed on Facility Inspection Day)


758 Bicycles

Parking Fee

(For Temporary Use) 100 yen for the first 3 hours, Up to 300 yen for the first 24 hours, and another 300 yen for every next 24 hours (For Fixed Term Contract) 3,500 yen per month, 9,000 yen per 3 months *700 yen for the initial registration fee is required.

Otemachi Area’s Largest Bicycle Parking
24 hours

Our multi-level mechanical bicycle parking is available 24 hours a day. Its underground storage system protects your bicycle from the weather and secures it against theft.

758 bicycles

Otemachi area’s largest parking with a storage capacity of 758 bicycles. It is easy to operate and ready for various types.

3,000 yen

Parking fee: 3,000 yen per month for corporate use; 3,500 yen per month or 9,000 yen per 3 months for fixed term contract of individual use; which makes you relieved from crowded commuter trains.

100 yen

100 yen for the first 3 hours; up to 300 yen for 24 hours; after bicycle touring, you can also enjoy Otemachi or Marunouchi area.

How to Use

1. The advance registration is required. Prior to use, please submit the application form for our bicycle parking.
Also, the inspection of your bicycle will be done at the registration.
If any modification of the bicycle or any change of equipment is made after above inspection, the re-inspection will be needed.
2. Please pay 700 yen as initial registration fee after the pass of the inspection.
Then, we will issue IC card for parking entry/exit and attach IC tag to your bicycle.
3. Make sure to bring IC card when using our bicycle parking. Also, don’t remove IC tag attached to your bicycle after the inspection.
4. Any of parking machine (No. 1 to 3) is available. Please check availability of each machine and use vacant one.
5. This parking is not available for locked bicycle.
6. Please observe How to Use and Precautions when the bicycle’s entering and exiting parking machine.
7. Please pay parking fee with an installed adjustment machine.
8. You can apply to and make payment for renewal of fixed term contract with an installed adjustment machine.

Eligible Bicycles (available only for bicycles which have passed the inspection)

Eligible Bicycles

Handlebar Position: over 95 cm

Handlebar Height: (Overall Height) under 120 cm

Overall Length: 145 to 190 cm

Rear Basket Height: under 105 cm

Weight: under 35 kg

Front Basket Width: under 50 cm

Rear Basket Width: under 50 cm

Tire Size: 18 to 28 inch

Tire Width: 1.8 to 5.5 cm

Overall Width: under 65cm

Precautions before Entry (available only for bicycles which have passed the inspection)

Attachment to Wheel Axle

Load on Front Basket

Keys etc. Hanging Over

Load on Rear Basket

Rear Child Seat with Backrest

Parcel Chords Hanging Over

Front Child Seat

Umbrella etc. Insertion

Side Basket

Special Stand

Entry of Locked Bicycle

Defective BicycleE.g. Flat Tire, Unfixed Stand, Chain Detached,
Distortion of Frame or Wheel

Contact Number for
Inquiry about Car
Bicycle Parking